Yes, I am Bitter

It is a shame; they died in vain

How many times have you heard that those that died did not die in vain. Well, sorry to break this to you, but they did die in vain. 

Ours not to make reply,
Ours not to reason why,
Ours but to do and die ...

When I came back to the world, my sister advised me not to be bitter. I was unable to take her advice.

So, let's take a look at some of the traitors and what they accomplished. 

Traitor #1 - Hanoi Jane Fonda

Traitor #2 - Benedict Arnold John Kerry

Traitors #3 - Lazy, Filthy, Dirty Hippies

Bitter? Damn straight! What makes me bitterer is that these traitors are now heroes in America and veterans are just to be feared or pitied. I prefer being feared. What is more is that we continue sending good soldiers to die and to get maimed and the traitors continue to support our country's enemies while receiving accolades. When are we going to learn to keep our kids at home? Look at the Generations page to see what continues to haunt us. If we had learned our lesson in Vietnam, I do not think I would be as bitter, but we did not learn our lesson.  

And, yeah they had a right to protest, but we also have the right to condemn, shun, and tell the world what the consequences of their actions were.

I guess that is why I admire Ed Sherwood (see Stories page) so much. He is not bitter. He has found peace. Another person I admire is Mike Ehredt (see the Generations page) since he took a positive approach to honoring fallen soldiers. For some reason, I just have a low tolerenace for traitors. 

John Herschelman -- 2nd platoon Charlie, Recon, and 2nd platoon Delta -- 1/501, (1968/1969)

Hanoi Jane